Family Photos Outdoors or at home, or maybe a family adventure in the studio?

Family Photos Outdoors or at home, or maybe a family adventure in the studio?

Thinking about professional photos of your family?
If yes…

You are in the right place! Below I will tell you what a family session looks like, how to prepare for it, what to wear, what location to choose, what time of day is best, how much a family session costs and what you can do to look great in the photos.

Before that, see some photos

Time spent with family is worth every second

What to choose?

Family Photos Outdoors, or maybe a session at your home or in the studio?

First of all, ask yourself what type of session is right for you. There are a few possibilities. If you like sunset sessions in the nature – outdoor family session will be the best choice for you. Or maybe your home is a stylish interior that reflects your character and that is where you see yourselves in the photos? If you are thinking about photos on a solid background, consider the last option. Any option is good, it all depends on what effects you want to achieve.

Rodzinna sesja zdjeciowa

Will you let me create pictures that will be a beautiful memory for you

Frequently asked questions

Your own style at its best!

Think about what style fits you? You can be formal or casual, but try to represent your family as authentically as possible.


Opt for comfort.


Get inspired on Pinterest or Instagram.


White pastel colors look perfect outdoors at sunset because the white contrasts with the background and skin tones.


Pinks, oranges and reds look great against a green landscape.


Remember, your colors should be similar or coordinate with each other.


When outdoors, think about comfortable shoes that complement your outfit.


Do everything you can to please yourself and your reflection in the mirror 🙂

Set your sights on everyone having a good time.

It is not good to put too much pressure for "best behavior".

If the children do not cooperate during the session, do not shout at them.

Have fun on your own, giving them time until they want to join in on their own.

If sometimes you can't control your emotions, I encourage you to meditate often to keep calm in extreme conditions:D 


Don't forget to bring water, sunscreen and snacks!

The family session should be fun for you and the kids.

An interesting idea is oriental rugs, blankets with tassels or in a fashionable check, pillows, atmospheric lamps, wicker baskets, bicycle. Consider hats, sunglasses.

Anything that describes your personality.

If you think about flowers, let us know in advance, together with the decorator we will prepare a beautiful bouquet or garland for you.

If you have a dog, it is worth taking him along, after all he is also a member of your family.

The family session at home is an alternative for those who like their interiors.

Choose the brightest and most interesting space.

Clean up, decorate, add warmth through pillows, blankets, flowers, etc.

This is usually decided by the photographer.

If your choice will be an outdoor family session, it is best to do it when the light is "soft".

On a sunny day, the golden hour will be best - 45 minutes before sunset or moments after sunrise. That's when the light is soft, the colors are warm, and the sun gives the photo an atmosphere.

This is the favorite time of day for many of you.

On a cloudy or rainy day, any time is good.  The sun then hides behind a cloud, which is like a natural diffuser. It softens and diffuses the light so the shadows are soft.

We do the session at home when the rooms are sunny, or in the evening if you create a lighting atmosphere.

 We can go to the studio together at any time.

An important part of planning an outdoor session is finding the perfect location.

Choose one that has sentimental value to you or you like.

Alternatively, ask for advice.

If you are drawn to a particular location, there is usually a good reason for it and chances are that is where you will feel comfortable.

I personally love doing a family session on the beach, or in a meadow, where you have lots of space, privacy and freedom and no one is watching you.



Prices for family sessions vary.

They depend on the experience of the photographer, the equipment the photographer uses, the location where the session is done, the number of photos and the time spent together.

The closer to home, the cheaper it is.

Not including travel time, a family session takes about one hour from the time the first photo is created.

If you have any other questions about the family photoshoot and you don’t find the answer above, please send me a message

What the session looks like

A family photoshoot in front of my lens is a relaxed atmosphere.
Playfulness and good fun.

Step 1

Getting to know each other

We get together by phone or email. I’m curious to know how big your family is, how old your kids are, what photoshoot ideas you have, what you like, what you enjoy. 

Step 1

Step 2

We set the location, date and time

Once I know more about your family, we can then work together to determine the right location and time for you. 

Step 2


Photo shoot

We meet at an agreed time and place and work together for an hour to create the most beautiful shots for your special family.


Step 4

Handing over finished images

Once your photos are edited and ready to go – you get a beautiful private online gallery of your photos and prints. At this point you have the option to select additional shots if you wish.

Step 4
Here's the offer

Family photoshoot, what does the family photography package include

Time to make a decision

Book a family photo shootn or ask a question

I would be happy to discuss your ideas

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